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Yukyuno-ume-shizuku premium (720ml)

Yukyuno-ume-shizuku premium (720ml) | Liqueur / リキュール
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"Yukyuno-ume-shizuku premium" is an umeshu (plum wine) brewed entirely using "Nankoume" of the highest grade sourced from Minabe of Wakayama prefecture, with the unparalleled 16-year "Yamabuki aged-sake 1995" as its base. "Yamabuki 1995"is a sake of the highest quality that has been awarded the top honor of Champion Sake in the Japanese sake category of the "International Wine Challenge2009", the most prestigious wine competition in the world. Only Nankoume plums of the highest grade sourced from Minabe, where the best plums in the Kishu region are cultivated, are steeped in the sake to produce the umeshu. While the quality of wine is said to be determined by the grapes used, the taste and quality of umeshu likewise depend largely on natural sunlight and the fertile land beneath. The combination of sake and plums of the highest quality gives rise to an ultimate umeshu with superior depth and aftertaste. The profound umami taste of Yamabuki is paired with the deep acidity of Nankoume plums. The well-balanced taste of this umeshu stands out from even among the products of "Yukyuno-ume-shizuku". This exceptional umeshu brewed from precious ingredients is tagged with a lot number for which only 500 bottles have been exclusively produced.

[About "Yukyuno-ume-shizuku"]
A luxurious Plum liqueur crafted by steeping Nankoume he disappearance of the smell of koji, blends beautifully with the fragrance of plums, creating a Plum liqueurthat surpasses any other Plum liqueur that has thus far been made. With its refreshing sweetness, as a Plum liqueur for during a meal it also enhances the flavors of food.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

世界一に輝いた16年熟成古酒「山吹1995」をベースに、和歌山県みなべ町産の最上級クラスの「南高梅」を100%使用して造った梅酒が「悠久の梅雫 プレミアム」です。「山吹1995」は、世界最高権威を誇るワイン品評会「インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ2009」日本酒部門最高賞であるチャンピオン・サケを受賞した最高品質の酒。それに漬け込む梅は、紀州産の中でも最高級品を産出するみなべ町産の最上級 優クラスの南高梅のみを使用します。ワインはブドウで決まると言われますが、梅酒も同様で、太陽の光とその恩恵を受けた土地の恵みが大きく味を決め品質を分けます。酒と梅、最高品質の組み合わせは、究極の深い味わいと余韻を醸し出します。山吹が奏でる深い旨みと、南高梅のコクのある酸味。それらが調和した味わいは「悠久の梅雫」の中でも群を抜いています。貴重な原料から造り出した究極の梅酒は、限定数500本のロットナンバー付きです。



Size: 85 x 85 x 275 mm

Product: Sake liqueur / 日本酒リキュール

Prefecture of production: Akita / 秋田県

Top categories: Liqueur / リキュール

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight / 直射日光及び高温多湿のところを避け保存

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり

Theme: Vintage liqueur / ビンデージリキュール

Alcohol category:

Fruit or other: Plum / 梅

Alcohol degree: 19%vol.

Dry / Sweet: Dry / 辛口

Rich / Light: Very rich / とても芳醇

Award name: -

Brand name: Yukyuno-ume-shizuku / 悠久の梅雫

Vendor name: Kinmon akita sake brewery / 金紋秋田酒造

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