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Yukyuno-ume-shizuku kinsen (720ml)

Yukyuno-ume-shizuku kinsen (720ml) | Liqueur / リキュール
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Based on Long Aged sake "Yamabuki" that has aged for 12 years, "Yukyuno-ume-shizuku kinsen" is a Plum liqueur 100% made with Nankoume from the town of Minabe in Wakayama prefecture. Nankoume is a unique plum from Nagano prefecture which is both very sweet as well as very sour. Of all of them, we only use those from Nanko in Minabe town, which are said to be especially of high quality and are rich in citric acid, steeping them in Long Aged sake "Yamabuki" that has aged for 12 years. Aged liquor contains many amino acids due to the aging process which results in a wonderful blend with the citric acid and amino acids of the plums, and accompanied by the gentle sweetness of cane sugar it has a characteristic depth and an intricate flavor that together with the tartness of the plums envelops the mouth. You can enjoy flavors that transform based on how you drink it, such as straight, diluted with water, diluted with soda, and whether it is chilled or at room temperatur

[About "Yukyuno-ume-shizuku"]
A luxurious Plum liqueur crafted by steeping Nankoume he disappearance of the smell of koji, blends beautifully with the fragrance of plums, creating a Plum liqueurthat surpasses any other Plum liqueur that has thus far been made. With its refreshing sweetness, as a Plum liqueur for during a meal it also enhances the flavors of food.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

12年熟成させた熟成古酒「山吹」をベースに、和歌山県みなべ町産南高梅を100%使用して造った梅酒が悠久の梅雫 金撰です。酸味と甘みが高い次元で両立した特別な梅である紀州産南高梅。その中でもクエン酸が豊富で特に高級と言われるみなべ町の南高のみを使用し、12年熟成の古酒「山吹」に漬け込みました。熟成によって独自のアミノ酸を多く含む古酒は、梅のクエン酸やアミノ酸と素晴らしい融合を果たし、きび糖の柔らかな甘みを伴い、独特の深みと複雑味が梅の酸味とともに口の中に広がります。常温あるいは冷やして、ストレート、水割り、ソーダ割りなど飲み方によって変化する味わいも楽しめます。



Size: 80 x 80 x 275 mm

Product: Sake liqueur / 日本酒リキュール

Prefecture of production: Akita / 秋田県

Top categories: Liqueur / リキュール

Preservation: Keep in a cool and dark place / 冷暗所

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり


Alcohol category:

Fruit or other: Plum / 梅

Alcohol degree: 16%vol.

Dry / Sweet: Medium / 甘辛

Rich / Light: Rich / 芳醇

Award name: -

Brand name: Yukyuno-ume-shizuku / 悠久の梅雫

Vendor name: Kinmon akita sake brewery / 金紋秋田酒造

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