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Yamabuki aged-sake 30 years Maru bottle, undiluted (700ml)

山吹 熟成古酒 30年丸ボトル 原酒 (700ml) | Sake / 日本酒
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"Yamabuki aged-sake 30 years Maru bottle, undiluted" is our un-processed "Yamabuki" sake, aged for 30 years and bottled in a western style. In production for countless years, long aged sake is full-bodied, yet delicate, and its mature essence is punctuated with a fresh acidity. This sake has a bouquet of apricot confit and hints of smokiness, floral touches of white lily and a cardamom spiciness. The flavor is evocative of sherry or aged white wine. The subtly shifting flavors and lingering notes inside the mouth are the sign of an exceptional sake. With its premium casing, this sake makes a perfect gift.

[About "Yamabuki"]
Taking full advantage of the unique climate and geography of Akita, developed with detailed brewing know-how and aged over many years, Yamabuki is a aged-sake Gold (720ml)" is a saké based on a 10-year old vintage, blended with a variety of aged-sake up to 20-years in age. Craftsmen with that takes the "rice-born umami" that is the defining feature of saké to greater heights, through a complex and almost occult process. The beautifully melted amber color, the full-bodied aroma, and the deep flavor of Yamabuki combine to form an experience for all the senses.

[Pairing food proposed from Vendor]
Perfect with chocolate, comté cheese, blue cheese, and meat.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

30年熟成させた古酒「山吹」の原酒を洋酒風のボトルに詰めた「山吹 熟成古酒 30年丸ボトル 原酒」。長い年月をかけて造り出された熟成古酒は、重厚ながら柔らかい口当たりと熟成感の中にフレッシュな酸味が感じられます。アプリコットのコンフィのような香りと薫製感を持ち、白百合のローラルさ、カルダモンのスパイシーさもある酒です。シェリーや熟成した白ワインを思わせる味わいもあります。口の中で変化していく余韻が素晴らしい逸品です。桐箱入りで高級感があり、贈り物にもおすすめです。




Size: 90 x 90 x 225 mm

Product: Japanese sake / 日本酒

Prefecture of production: Akita / 秋田県

Top categories: Sake / 日本酒

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight / 直射日光及び高温多湿のところを避け保存

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり

Sake category: Futsusyu / 普通酒

Theme: Vintage sake / ビンデージ酒, Super premium sake / スーパープレミアム酒

Season: All season / 通年

Taste positioning: Aged sake / 熟酒

Dry / Sweet: Medium dry / やや辛口

Better temperature to drink: Norma (15 - 20℃) / 常温

Alcohol degree: 20%vol.

Polishing ratio: - %

Sake Meter Value: -

Acid level: -

Choice1: sake rice:

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Filter press / 自動圧搾機

Choice4: charcoal fining: Muroka (None) / 無濾過

Choice5: dilution: Genshu (none) / 原酒

Choice6: pasteurisation: Twice / 二回火入れ

Choice7: storage: Stored in tank / タンク貯蔵

Award name: -

Brand name: Yamabuki / 山吹

Vendor name: Kinmon akita sake brewery / 金紋秋田酒造

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