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Umenoyado Plum liqueur (720ml)

梅乃宿 梅酒 (720ml) | Liqueur / リキュール
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「Umenoyado Plum liqueur] uses ume (Japanese plum) made in Nishiyoshino Nara, which are soaked in Japanese sake by Umenoyado. It includes both of Japan’s famous ume brands “Ome” and “Kanjukuume” with about 6 ume and their smell and good flavor sealed inside the 720ml bottle. It is a fine blend of umeshu prepared for about 2 years. With the unique Japanese sake richness and ume smell/freshness mixed, it is an umeshu that tastes refined and light. It can be enjoyed cooled, straight, on the rock, or heated during a cold season. With the production method to makefermentation starter (shubo) by hand, called「Kimoto・Yamahai-zukuri」, the Japanese sake by Umenoyado is carefully brewed with much time and effort put in. The ume smell and flavor have melted into this sake, and this umeshu is sure to make it to be a regular.

[About "Umenoyado"]
Brewed in Nara, where is it said to be the origin of Japanese sake, it is a deep tasting sake with comfortable aftertaste. The Japanese sake used is 「Kimoto・Yamahai-zukuri」which is a classically made sake that takes time and effort to brew. Its appeal is the distinct flavor. With quality polishing, and the long-kept tradition of production by hand, it is a journey to search for the new possibility of Japanese sake.

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中国、台湾、香港、ドイツ、オーストラリア、英国、シンガポール、ニュージーランド 、インドネシア 、フランス、マレーシア 、タイ 、韓国、レバノン、アルゼンチン、スイス、イタリア、スペイン

Size: 84 x 84 x 280 mm

Product: Liqueur / リキュール

Prefecture of production: Nara / 奈良県

Top categories: Liqueur / リキュール

Preservation: Keep in a cool and dark place / 冷暗所

Gift box: Without gift box / 化粧箱なし

Theme: Vintage liqueur / ビンデージリキュール

Alcohol category:

Fruit or other: Plum / 梅

Alcohol degree: 12%vol.

Dry / Sweet: Medium sweet / やや甘口

Rich / Light: Medium rich / やや芳醇

Award name: -

Brand name: Umenoyado / 梅乃宿

Vendor name: Umenoyado sake brewery / 梅乃宿酒造

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