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Tsugaru kaikyo Honkakushochu 40% (700ml)

津軽海峡 本格米焼酎40度 (700ml) | Shochu / 焼酎
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Only using rice from Aomori prefecture as ingredient for distillation,and redistillating using a made in France pot, it is a Rice spirits called ""Tsugaru kaikyo Honkakushochu 40%"". The reason why a Japanese sake maker can make a shochu stronger than 40% abv is because of the tireless hard work of redistillation. A pot imported from France for distilling brandy (cognac) was used for redistillation to create a rich flavor and thick taste similar to western liquor and spirits. With 500 liters of undiluted solution, only 100 liters can be made into unprocessed sake. Still, almost no water is added to create authentic Rice spirits without any distracting flavor and with naturally smooth flavor of rice. Drinking it straight or on the rock, the flavor can be savored even more. With distinct scent of the rice, it goes well with Japanese food with soy sauce based tastes.

[About "Tsugaru kaikyo"]
It is a rice shochu that bears the name of "Tsugaru Channel," The channel between Honshu's northernmost prefecture, local Aomori and Hokkaido. Rice spirits was made with all the technology that a Japanese sake maker has at its arsenal. A rich taste with the most amount of good flavor that rice has can be enjoyed.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

青森県産米だけを原料に蒸留し、フランス産の釜で再蒸留した米焼酎が「津軽海峡 本格米焼酎40度」です。日本酒メーカーが40度の強い焼酎を生み出せるのは、手間暇を惜しまない再蒸留にあります。フランスより輸入したブランデー(コニャック)用の釜で再蒸留することで、洋酒にも似た濃厚な風味とトロリとした飲み口が生まれます。500Lの原液で100Lの原酒しかできませんが、加水はほとんどせず、雑味のない、お米本来のまるみのある風味を生かした本格米焼酎に仕上げます。ロックやストレートで飲むと、その風味はいっそう際立ちます。また米の香りが強いため、醤油ベースで味付けされた和食などとも好相性です。



Size: 78 x 78 x 235 mm

Product: Japanese distilled spirit / 焼酎

Prefecture of production: Aomori / 青森県

Top categories: Japanese spirits / 焼酎焼酎

Preservation: Keep refrigerated / 要冷蔵

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり


Shochu category: Rice shochu / 米焼酎

Alcohol degree: 40%vol.


Regional brand:

Year to store: -

Aroma :


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