Honke-matsuura sake brewery / 株式会社本家松浦酒造場

Narutotai | Ginjo just squeezed Genshu (undiluted sake)

Narutotai | Ginjo just squeezed Genshu (undiluted sake) | Sake
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size: 78 x 78 x 295 mm

Product name:Refined sake

Delivery temperature:Chilled

Components:Rice, rice koji, distilled alcohol

Prefecture of production:Tokushima

Sake category:Ginjo / 吟醸

Seasonal Sake:hrToughout the year

Taste positioning:Aromatic

Sweet / Dry:Dry

Alcohol degree:18.5%vol.

Polishing ratio:58%

Sake Meter Value:5

Acid levels:1.4

Choice2: yeast starter:Majority

Choice4: pressing:Majority

Choice5: filtering:Muroka / 無濾過

Choice6: pasteurization:Nama-zake / 生酒

Choice7: dilution:Undilution / 原酒

Choice8: storage:Cask / 樽