Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

Kimoto Sake Glass Selection SOU ES-SL01

木本硝子 酒グラス 爽 ES-SL01 | Craft / 工芸
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"Kimoto Sake Glass Selection SOU ES-SL01" is a glass that makes sake refreshing. It is a glass well matched to clean-tasting drinks like low-malt beer, Junmai Ginjo, or Junmai, as well as lower-alcohol drinks in summer. With a small diameter and high rim, it is made for drinking with the chin up, delivering taste quickly to the back of the tongue. The refreshing feel of the beverage passing through the center of the tongue and on past the back of the throat is like no other. There is no more perfect glass for a starter, whether a toast or the first glass of an apertif.

These glasses, a Japanese traditional handicraft made by craftspersons at a glass factory in the old quarters of Tokyo, form a series ofglass that can be selected to match the varied personalities of sake. They enrich the taste of sake, enhance time spent drinking sake, and bring a new appeal to any scenario for enjoying Sake.


クールなフォルムで日本酒を爽やかに演出するグラスが「木本硝子 酒グラス 爽 ES-SL01」です。発泡酒や純米吟醸酒、純米酒のようにすっきりと喉ごしのよいもの、夏酒のようにアルコール度数の低いものに合わせるタイプのグラスです。口径が小さく高さがあり、顎を上げて飲むことになるため、舌の奥に速い速度で味が伝わります。お酒が舌の真ん中を通り、喉の奥へ流れた先の爽快感が格別です。スターターとして、乾杯や食前の一杯目にこれほどふさわしいグラスはありません。


Size: 38 x 50 x 115 mm

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Prefecture of production: Tokyo / 東京都

Top categories: Craft / 工芸

By object: Dining / ダイニング

By material: Glass / 硝子


by category: Sake cup / 酒器

Brand name: Kimoto glass

Vendor name: Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

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