Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

Kimoto Sake Glass Selection NAGOMI MA-01B/S

木本硝子 酒グラス 和 MA-01B/S | Craft / 工芸
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"Kimoto Sake Glass Selection NAGOMI MA-01B/S" is the perfect glass for beginning encounters with sake. It's a recommended glass for those who have an interest in sake but don't know much about it. With the sparkling loveliness of handmade glass, it lends a fine balance to the taste and aroma of sake. This is an all-purpose glass for a wide range of scenarios. It presents a happy first encounter with sake, and serves as a gentle guide to the attractions of sake.

These glasses, a Japanese traditional handicraft made by craftspersons at a glass factory in the old quarters of Tokyo, form a series of glass that can be selected to match the varied personalities of sake. They enrich the taste of sake, enhance time spent drinking sake, and bring a new appeal to any scenario for enjoying sake.


日本酒との出会いを始めるのに最適なグラスが「木本硝子 酒グラス 和 MA-01B/S」です。日本酒に興味はあるけれど、詳しいことはわからない。そんな方におすすめなのがこのグラスです。手造りグラスならではの、きらきらして可愛い親しみやすいグラスで、日本酒の味わいと薫りをバランスよく感じられます。応用シーンが広い万能タイプのグラスといえます。日本酒との出会いをハッピーに演出し、優しい道しるべとなって日本酒の魅力を教えてくれます。


Size: 51 x 60 x 48 mm

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Prefecture of production: Tokyo / 東京都

Top categories: Craft / 工芸

By object: Dining / ダイニング

By material: Glass / 硝子


by category: Sake cup / 酒器

Brand name: Kimoto glass

Vendor name: Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

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