Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

Kimoto Sake Glass Selection MIYABI XA-04

木本硝子 酒グラス 雅 XA-04 | Craft / 工芸
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"Kimoto Sake Glass Selection MIYABI XA-04" is the perfect glass for experiencing the traditions of sake or aged liquors. It is 「MIYABI」glass that finishes Japan's traditional rice wine cup in modern style, with the beautiful silhouette of glass. Sake made through traditional production methods such as kimoto and yamahai are the perfect accompaniment to this glass, which offers a sense of the history and culture of glass. If possible, enjoy the sake warm. The wide diameter delivers sake slowly across the tongue, for enjoyment of the deep taste of sake.

These glasses, a Japanese traditional handicraft made by craftspersons at a glass factory in the old quarters of Tokyo, form a series ofglass that can be selected to match the varied personalities of sake. They enrich the taste of sake, enhance time spent drinking sake, and bring a new appeal to any scenario for enjoying Sake."


伝統的手法で造られた日本酒や熟成酒をその伝統に触れながら味わいたいときに最適なグラスが「木本硝子 酒グラス 雅 XA-04」です。日本の伝統的な盃を硝子ならでは美しいシルエットでモダンに仕上げた「雅」なグラスです。日本酒の歴史や文化が感じられるグラスには、伝統的手法の生酛造りや山廃造りなどの日本酒がぴったり。できればぬる燗でどうぞ。口径が大きく舌全体にゆっくりと広がるため、日本酒の深い味わいを堪能することができます。


Size: 80 x 80 x 65 mm

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Prefecture of production: Tokyo / 東京都

Top categories: Craft / 工芸

By object: Dining / ダイニング

By material: Glass / 硝子


by category: Sake cup / 酒器, Make up / 化粧

Brand name: Kimoto glass

Vendor name: Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

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