Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

Kimoto Sake Glass Selection JUN ES-RK01

木本硝子 酒グラス 醇 ES-RK01 | Craft / 工芸
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"Kimoto Sake Glass Selection JUN ES-RK01" is a glass with a uniquely rounded form that draws out the full-bodied taste of sake to its utmost. Paired with Aged sake or unproccessed sake, it offers enjoyment of a peaceful, adult time, making it the perfect glass for an after-dinner drink. Fermented or smoked foods are the recommended accompaniment to sake poured into this glass in the hand. It's a glass for adults who wish to slowly sip a drink after a meal, or just enjoy sake quietly.

These glasses, a Japanese traditional handicraft made by craftspersons at a glass factory in the old quarters of Tokyo, form a series of glass that can be selected to match the varied personalities of sake. They enrich the taste of sake, enhance time spent drinking sake, and bring a new appeal to any scenario for enjoying sake.


独特のふっくらとしたフォルムが日本酒のふくよかな味わいを最大限に引き出すグラスが「木本硝子 酒グラス 醇 ES-RK01」です。古酒や原酒とペアリングすることで、しっとりとした大人の時間を楽しむことができるため、食後用のグラスとして最適です。手に馴染むグラスに日本酒を注いだら、発酵系や燻製系の食事と合わせるのもおすすめ。「食後にゆっくりとちびりちびりとお酒を楽しみたい」「静かにお酒を楽しみたい」、そんな大人向けのグラスです。


Size: 45 x 53 x 80 mm

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Prefecture of production: Tokyo / 東京都

Top categories: Craft / 工芸

By object: Kitchen / キッチン

By material: Glass / 硝子


by category: Sake cup / 酒器

Brand name: Kimoto glass

Vendor name: Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

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