Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

Kimoto Sake Glass Selection HANA ES-ST01

木本硝子 酒グラス 華 ES-ST01 | Craft / 工芸
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"The Kimoto Sake Glass Selection HANA ES-ST01" is a glass for enjoying sake in elegance and luxury. Paired with an aromatic ginjo or daiginjo, it brings out the appeal of the sake to the fullest. The large diameter and distinctive curve of the rim bring the sake smoothly and gently to the mouth, imparting a mellowness to the flavor. The drink spreads gradually across the tongue, where the body's own heat warms the sake to release the ginjo's aroma. This glass has a 「HANA」that even enhances the beauty of the hand that holds the glass.

These glasses, a Japanese traditional handicraft made by craftspersons at a glass factory in the old quarters of Tokyo, form a series ofglass that can be selected to match the varied personalities of sake. They enrich the taste of sake, enhance time spent drinking sake, and bring a new appeal to any scenario for enjoying Sake.


日本酒をラグジュアリーにエレガントに楽しむためのグラスが「木本硝子 酒グラス 華 ES-ST01」です。華やかな薫りの吟醸酒や大吟醸酒とペアリングすることで、日本酒の魅力を最大限に引き出します。口径が大きく独特の口元の反りによって、日本酒がやわらかく緩やかに口に入ってほどけ、味がまろやかになります。舌にゆっくり広がり、体温によってお酒の温度も上がって吟醸香が立ちます。グラスを持つ指までも美しく演出する「華」のあるグラスです。


Size: 55 x 72 x 118 mm

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Prefecture of production: Tokyo / 東京都

Top categories: Craft / 工芸

By object: Dining / ダイニング

By material: Glass / 硝子


by category: Sake cup / 酒器

Brand name: Kimoto glass

Vendor name: Kimoto Glassware / 木本硝子

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