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Kikuizumi Hitosuji Awa-sake Sparkling (720ml)

菊泉 ひとすじ awa酒スパークリング (720ml) | Sake / 日本酒
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Kura Master2019 Sparkling Standard Division Gold

The ”Kikuizumi Hitosuji Sparkling Junmai " is a Sparkling sake made from "Sakemusashi" "Gohyakumangoku" sake rice from the Saitama Prefecture, refined down to 60% and brewed, and elaborated through secondary fermentation. By applying the secondary fermentation technique and the production method of champagne, we are able to elevate, in 8 years, the gas pressure level inside the bottle to that of champagne while removing the lees and achieving a transparent sake. This sake, with its rich flavor, stands in harmony next to both sweetness and sourness. The authentic flavor of the Japanese sake brings out the taste of the Japanese cuisine, while the refreshing fizz of the bubbles and the pleasing acidity favors French and Italian flavors. This is a beautiful and elegant beverage that produces a streak of bubbles when served and then shows its pale gold color.

[About "Kikuizumi"]
The name of "Kikuizumi" carries the meaning of "Traditional Sake,It's aromatic like a chrysanthemum(Kiku) and clear like a spring(Izumi)". It is a smooth and refreshing local sake, made by hand according to the traditional methods and making the best use of the local natural features. We aim to create a beverage of a supporting quality, that heightens the food without standing on its way but still leaves a pleasant and surprising aftertaste.

[Pairing food proposed from Vendor]
Butter Enoki Mushrooms.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

Kura Master2019 スパークリング Standard部門 金賞

埼玉県産の酒米「さけ武蔵」「五百万石」を60%まで磨いて醸し、瓶内二次発酵で造ったスパークリング純米酒が「菊泉 ひとすじ スパークリング 純米」です。瓶内二次発酵の技術とシャンパンの製法を応用し、8年の歳月をかけてシャンパン並みに瓶内ガス圧を高め、かつ澱を取り除き酒の色を透明にすることに成功しました。甘さと酸味が調和する濃厚な味わいの酒です。日本酒本来の旨味が和食の滋味を引き出し、弾ける泡の爽やかさと心地よい酸味がフレンチやイタリアンの味を引き立てます。グラスに注いだときに生じるひとすじの泡、そして淡いゴールドの色が美しく上品な酒です。




Size: 92 x 92 x 330 mm

Product: Japanese sake / 日本酒

Prefecture of production: Saitama / 埼玉県

Top categories: Sake / 日本酒

Preservation: Keep in a cool and dark place / 冷暗所

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり

Sake category: Junmai / 純米酒

Theme: Sparkling sake (secondary fermentation) / スパークリング日本酒(瓶内二次発酵)Premium sake / プレミアム酒

Season: All season / 通年

Taste positioning: Smooth refreshing sake / 爽酒

Dry / Sweet: Medium sweet / やや甘口

Better temperature to drink: Rocks (5℃) / 雪冷え

Alcohol degree: 12%vol.

Polishing ratio: 60%

Sake Meter Value: -30.0

Acid level: 4.8

Choice1: sake rice: Gohyakumangoku / 五百万石, Sakemusashi / さけ武蔵

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Filter press / 自動圧搾機

Choice4: charcoal fining: Muroka (None) / 無濾過

Choice5: dilution: Diluted / 割水あり

Choice6: pasteurisation: Once / 一回火入れ

Choice7: storage: Stored in bottles / 瓶貯蔵, Stored in freezing temperature / 氷温貯蔵

Award name: Kura Master

Brand name: Kikuizumi / 菊泉

Vendor name: Takizawa sake brewery / 滝澤酒造

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