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Kajokotobuki Plum liqueur (500ml)

霞城寿 梅酒 (500ml) | Liqueur / リキュール
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"Kajokotobuki Plum liqueur" is a Plum liqueur made using only raw sake made by a sake maker with 300 years of history in the business. It is made by hand-removing the cores of each individual plum, which are grown locally in Yamagata, and soaked over a long period in crystalized sugar and raw sake. with no added colors or additives. With all of the umami of sake in addition to the sourness of the plums, it has a refined sweetness and deep flavor. It is best on the rocks or with soda, but it can also be enjoyed in a variety of other ways, such as on vanilla ice cream or ice shavings, or in dishes using blueback fish.

[About "Kajokotobuki"]
The name "Kajokotobuki" is a combination of the common name for Yamagata Castle, "Kasumigajo" with "kotobuki" (congratulations). Japanese sake made from high-quality rice and the soft water of Mt. Zao's underground springs (water formed when snow on Mt. Zao melts). With pride in our 300-year history as a traditional sake brewer, this brewery also use modern technology to product the ultimate beverage for your enjoyment.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

創業300年の歴史を誇る日本酒メーカーが、日本酒原酒のみで仕込んだ梅酒が霞城寿 梅酒です。地元山形県産の梅の1個1個の軸を手作業で取り除き、ブロックの氷砂糖、 日本酒原酒のみで手間暇を惜しまずじっくり漬け込んだ、無着色・無添加の梅酒です。日本酒ならではの旨味の中に、梅の酸味が加わり、上品な甘みと深い味わいが堪能できます。ロックやソーダ割がおすすめの飲み方ですが、バニラアイスクリームやかき氷にかけたり、青魚料理の料理酒に使ったり、幅広い楽しみ方でおいしく味わえます。



Size: 60 x 60 x 302 mm

Product: Plum sake / 日本酒梅酒

Prefecture of production: Yamagata / 山形県

Top categories: Liqueur / リキュール

Preservation: Keep in a cool and dark place / 冷暗所

Gift box: Without gift box / 化粧箱なし


Alcohol category:

Fruit or other: Plum / 梅

Alcohol degree: 12%vol.

Dry / Sweet: Very sweet / 大甘口

Rich / Light: Very rich / とても芳醇

Award name: -

Brand name: Kajokotobuki / 霞城寿

Vendor name: Kotobuki Toraya sake brewery / 寿虎屋酒造

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