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Imanishiki Plum liqueur (500ml)

Imanishiki Plum liqueur (500ml) | Liqueur / リキュール
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A well-established sake brewer with 112 years in business and products praised at international competitions has paired "ryukyo koume" Japanese plums grown in the Ina Basin at the foot of the Minami Alps mountains with a sake base, creating a Plum liqueur called "Imanishiki Plum liqueur". The ryukyo koume raised in Nakagawa Village, a local town and member of the The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan network, have a distinctive thick and high quality flesh despite their small size. The base sake is made from the superb spring waters of the foot of the Minami Alps mountains and locally-grown brewing rice using the time-intensive traditional "Skafuneshibori" method to extract the liquid drop by drop. The Japanese plum pits are extracted by hand one a time and the flesh is carefully added to the sake, which has a clean and pure taste with no off flavors, to make this Plum liqueur. The taste balances sake, Japanese plums, and sugar for a rich and mellow flavor.

[About "Imanishiki"]
The name "Imanishiki" comes from an ancestor of the sake brewer, who was an amateur sumo wrestling Yokozuna (Grand Champion) and used it as his wrestling stage name. This sake is brewed using traditional "Sakafuneshibori" combined with the latest technology using local sake rice grown on land blessed with the natural environment and good quality spring water of the Southern Alps.

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.
- We do not deliver this product to the following countries and areas.

世界的なコンクールで高く評価されている創業112年の老舗日本酒メーカーが、日本酒をベースに南アルプス麓の伊那谷特産「龍峡小梅」を漬け込んだ梅酒が「今錦 梅酒」です。「日本で最も美しい村」連合に加盟する地元・中川村で収穫した龍峡小梅は、小粒ながら高品質の厚い果肉が特徴です。ベースとなる日本酒は、南アルプス麓の良質な湧水と地元産酒米を原料に、手間暇のかかる伝統製法「酒槽搾り」で一滴一滴搾りました。手作業で梅のヘタを一つひとつ丁寧に取り除き、雑味のない日本酒で丹精込めて仕込んだ梅酒です。酒と梅と氷砂糖の味わいがバランスよく調和した、芳醇な味わいが楽しめます。

[今錦ブランドとは] 「今錦」の名は、蔵元の先祖に草相撲の横綱がおり、その四股名が由来となっています。南アルプス麓の自然環境と良質な湧水に恵まれた土地で、地元の酒米を用い、伝統的な「酒槽搾り」に最新の技術を合わせて丹精込めて醸し出す日本酒です。


Size: 65 x 65 x 300 mm

Product: Sake liqueur / 日本酒リキュール

Prefecture of production: Nagano / 長野県

Top categories: Liqueur / リキュール

Preservation: Keep refrigerated / 要冷蔵

Gift box: Without gift box / 化粧箱なし

Theme: -

Alcohol category: -

Fruit or other: Plum / 梅

Alcohol degree: 12%vol.

Dry / Sweet: Sweet / 甘口

Rich / Light: Medium rich / やや芳醇

Award name: -

Brand name: Imanishiki / 今錦

Vendor name: Yonezawa sake brewery / 米澤酒造

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