HINEMOS JUJI Junmai, undiluted (500ml)

HINEMOS 10時 純米 原酒 (500ml) | Sake / 日本酒
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If you would like to drink at ten in the evening, then "HINEMOS JUJI Junmai, undiluted (500ml)" is a dessert drink for ending a pleasurable meal. It is a Sake made drinking at this time, and it is a Junmai with a sweetness to enjoy with dessert. Part of the water used is the water used in preparing Junmai, so a lot of the sweetness of the rice remains, and you can also taste plenty of tartness. Its alcohol content of 15% enhances the rich flavor even more. It has an aroma that is reminiscent of a concentrated sweetness such as maple syrup, and it has a smooth mouthfeel, a concentrated sweetness, and a fresh tartness. It is a dessert rice wine with a flavor that is similar to that of a dessert wine made with the "noble rot" process.

[About "HINEMOS"]
In order to give sake a more familiar presence, this brand offers Sake tailored to particular times for drinking. "HINEMOS" means “all day”, and represents our desire to offer sake that is made to match the various times of the day it can be enjoyed. Its stylish design, based on the concept of “time,” is also very appealing.

[Pairing food proposed from Vendor]
Vanilla ice cream, tiramisu, cake, steak

[Important notes]
- We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.

午後10時に飲みたい、楽しい食事を締めくくるデザート酒が「HINEMOS 10時 純米 原酒」です。飲む時間帯に合わせて造られた日本酒で、午後10時頃、デザートとして楽しみたい甘味のある純米酒です。仕込み水の一部を日本酒(純米酒)で仕込んだため、お米の甘味が多く残り、酸味も豊かに感じられます。15%程度のアルコールが濃厚な味わいをさらに引き立たせています。メープルシロップのような濃縮した甘味を連想する香りが立ち、口当たりは滑らかで濃厚な甘味とフレッシュな酸味があります。まるで貴腐ワインのような味わいが楽しめる、デザートライスワインです。




Size: 60 x 60 x 295 mm

Product: Japanese sake / 日本酒

Prefecture of production: Kanagawa / 神奈川県

Top categories: Sake / 日本酒

Preservation: Keep refrigerated / 要冷蔵

Gift box: With gift box / 化粧箱あり

Sake category: Junmai / 純米酒

Theme: Kijoshu / 貴醸酒

Season: New & Fresh / Nov.-Mar. / 新酒・しぼりたて

Taste positioning: Rich sake / 醇酒

Dry / Sweet: Sweet / 甘口

Better temperature to drink: Rocks (5℃) / 雪冷え

Alcohol degree: 15%vol.

Polishing ratio: 70%

Sake Meter Value: 非公開

Acid level: -

Choice1: sake rice: N.A. / 非公開

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Filter press / 自動圧搾機

Choice4: charcoal fining: Yes / 濾過

Choice5: dilution: Genshu (none) / 原酒

Choice6: pasteurisation: Once / 一回火入れ

Choice7: storage: Stored in bottles / 瓶貯蔵

Award name: -

Brand name: HINEMOS

Vendor name: RiceWine

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