[Japanese sweet]

Fly me to the moon, Fantasia.
Art yokan
(Sweet bean jelly)


This yokan (Sweet bean jelly) is created by the Japanese confectionery shop that has been established since 1848, Nagotoya /長門屋, and was done based on the image of Japanese paintings . Based on the Japanese painting theme of "the fantasy world frozen in time", the cross-section design of the yokan is not a still image, but actually one with different motion images on each slice, such as "birds spreading their wings" and "from full moon to crescent moon". It won the Good Design Award in 2017. It is impossible to reproduce this product with a machine, so it is completely made by hand. The craftsmen in the company stopped all other work for a few days out of a week and worked on it all together. Only 300 pieces are available for sale in a week. The product continues to sell out with just advance reservations.



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Sold out

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